How to Catch Customer's Attention Towards Your New Product?

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Published: 15th December 2009
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You may have launched a new product but are looking out for ways to create awareness about this. How can you achieve this? There are certain simple steps that you need to concentrate on, before you build brand awareness or awareness about your new and innovative product and services.

Figure out who your target audiences are. Understand their needs, their interests etc. You must firstly understand who is at the receiving end, who is your consumer. Are they aware of your brand or the new product. How can you reach out to them? If they are corporate people then you can reach them out through online tool. Blogs, social networking is also a powerful tool to create awareness.

Build a logo, create a company name and a punch line. In order to be recognized in the market you must first create a very catchy name. An attractive punch line is a good idea so that consumers will get attracted towards your brand. They must be able to recall your punch line and its associated company name.

Give a lot of importance to the packaging of your product, the place where you would first launch them. Think of some thing attractive but should come within your budget. You can spend less and still create something that catches consumer's eyes. Especially, food malls, super markets, you must try out a good packaged product.

Advertising or create awareness through promotional items. You can build up a clientele by sending a promotional item to them. The common ones which does not cost you much includes pen, calendars, desk top calendar and key chains etc.

Follow up with after sales: This is very crucial when you have delivered something to your client, you must follow up on its quality. Find out if they liked it and what would they like you to incorporate in your services. This will help you in delivering better the next time.

Before starting a sales promotion, a person should decide what their customer base is and who they are trying to pull in with a sales promotion. Use a sales promotion to get people in the door of a business with help from a college business instructor in this free video on marketing strategies and plans.

In a nutshell it includes:

• Figure out your target audience or understand their needs.

• Build a logo, a company name, and an attractive punch line

• Add value through packaging, location, service, special events, etc.

• Invest some amount on Advertising

• Have an after-sale follow-up and customer relations management

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