Hand eye co-ordination with a game of Sport – Tips!

Published: 18th May 2010
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Hitting a shuttle cock, looking in the line of the ball moving to and fro requires a lot of hand eye co-ordination. Table tennis is suggested to those kids who have lack of hand eye co-ordination. Remember, that a game of sport is not only refreshing in nature but also helps your physical well being.

A game that involves catching a ball will also involve a lot of such co-ordination. For instance, throwing a base ball up in the air and catching them will treat this disability in your child. If you try this a couple of times every day, you are sure to see some change. The same practice is followed in a game such as cricket and football which involves a ball in the game.

Football and cricket offers good exercise to your legs and muscles. Any game which involves rapid movement such as a ping pong, yo yo is the best thing to use for those lacking this physical ability. Boxers too are said to have improved up on this skill of theirs. Visual perception and motor skills have a great role to play. Make use of a speed bag to improve your motor skills along with your perception.

Kids would love to play video games which are an asset in the field of visual perception and motor ability. Playing half an hour daily will improve their vision and hand movement. Bouncing of balls up and down, throwing them on the wall a couple of times will make your eyes move in the same direction as the ball. If you are trying this, then you must not catch the ball instead throw it back towards the wall instead of catching it. These are few tips which will help you improve yourself.

Puzzles are a good option to begin with. They help in improving eye-hand coordination because you tend to use your hands and fingers from the information you see. This will serve greatly for children during their early writing and reading practices. Computer games are also a great source to master the hand-eye coordination ability. Improving your motor skills can help keep your reflexes alert and active. This way you will stay alert for a longer time. It requires sharpening your eyes and motor skills too. Baseball, golf, karate and yoyo are frequently used to improve hand eye coordination. This way, you will no more suffer from this disability.

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